5 Habits of Champion Managers

Warning! Ya gotta habituate them all to be a champion manager.

Strategy: To build the company’s “Invisible Balance Sheet.”

Intention: To enthuse people to get to know, habitforge like, respect, value, be influenced by and trust their manager enough to be brutally honest with him or her.

Outcomes: Cut the crap of carping, avoiding, repeating the same mistakes, RedLasso poor performance.

After 40 years of working with business leaders I’ve come to the conclusion that there are five key, distinct, other-perspective related traits of champion managers. theconversationprism

1. They yearn to help people succeed.

Champion managers hardly ever (except when under short-term, extremely stressful situations) have a driven or inwardly motivated definition of productivity. softwareglimpse


They use the “Platinum Rule” — do onto others what others value.


2. The willingness and ability to help shape people’s thinking toward keeping the end in mind — the big picture.

Outstanding managers use strategic thinking, IT Support Manchester influentially inclusive communication and productive problem-solving — to forge employee agendas that lead to productive change for long-term success.

3. An ability and willingness to take strategic risks.

The best managers want to be in the vanguard of people development — they talk with their people. They leave the comfort and safety of their title. They venture forth into new and unfamiliar issues, challenges or necessary confrontations. They don’t accept the same-old-same-old. They strive to open up new possibilities.

4. Adaptable resiliency.

Champion managers win over employees by living and breathing ongoing, Translation Service productive transformation. They adapt their style to employee’s motivation, competence level and values. While being clear that all efforts are in the direction of improvement, champion managers do not force the employee to adapt to them.


They create enthusiastic volunteers, not resentfully unproductive “voluntolds.”


5. Consistent, Persistent, Disciplined, Focused Follow-through.

Champion duclarion managers stay the course. They inspire employees to do the same.

Do you have what it takes to be a champion manager? louisvillecardinal You job may depend on it!


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