Top Searched Men’s Health Topics and How to Search Them

If you are not searching a specific topic within Mens Health, or you like to search top searched topics in this category, you should find out what are the top keywords searched in this category. You may save your time and energy as I collected them for you, nadiya you will also look inside male brain and see what is in it about his health. The topics are:

1- Prostate Cancer
2- Urinary Tract Infection
3- Insomnia
4- Hair Loss
5- Vasectomy
6- Ulcerative Colitis
7- Diabetes
8- Impotence
9- Prostatitis
10- Indigestion

For each of these topics alternativehealthdirectory you will need to search for the important resources that contain helpful information about each of them. The following categorization will portrait the scheme needed to search mens health topics, and in fact any other topic.

1- Search definitions, causes, symptoms, treatment…etc of mens health topics in Encyclopedia like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, Encarta,, Howstuffworks, and You may use one or more of them to answer all the questions you have.

2- Search mens these topics in the major directories like DMOZ, Google, Yahoo!, Librarian internet index,, as well as Images at Google or Flickr if you want

3- Search what other people found on the topics, no body knows the whole truth. Search bookmarks and favorites of people in My-Web Yahoo!,, Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter, furl, besides any other bookmarking site you would prefer.

4- Search some more resources about these topics, like Google groups, Yahoo! groups, Youtube, Google Video, and

5- Search shopping alternatives and opinions about products available for mens health . Start with Yahoo! shopping, Google product search, Amazon, Kaboodle, and Epinions

6- Search people’s questions and their answers in Yahoo! Answers, Google Answers (search their archives),, Answerbag, MSN, Message boards, and Forums

7- Search local places that present a service or a product for mens health topics. Enter your topic into Google maps, Yahoo! local, National city Search, and Superpages (Yellow pages)

8- Update your knowledge about the topics by knowing which blogs are concerned with these topics, and what bloggers are posting about them in Technorati, Bloglines, meetyoucarbide and Google Blog Search. If you are a webmaster you need to know your competitors.


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