American Choppers is a Popular Show

There is a television show called, dewa52 American Choppers, on the Discovery Channel that’s helping to revive the motorcycle industry. It’s a reality television show that focuses on the custom bike building shop owned by Paul Teutul Sr. and his sons. Since 1999 the shop has been building bikes for people in New York and making a pretty penny at it too. It seems that as the show grows in popularity more and more people are willing to pay a lot of money for one of the Teutul’s custom creations. shopchopper

The bikes that they remake are more like pieces of art with fins, chrome and flames painted along the sides. Those possibly looking for a new bike should know that their bike shop is called, Orange County Choppers, even though they are based in New York, they are also sometimes called the OCC. A funny play off of the name of the dramatic television series about young teens in California. armorelectrical

Since they’ve gone on television with their bike shop business the Teutul’s have made a bike for the United States Air force, lovingly called ‘The Raptor’ for $150,000. They have also created a custom made bike for NASA. The show has only been on for a few years but its done wonders for the Teutul’s bike shop and brought in lots of business. They have their name on all kinds of promotional kofitravelsafaris materials and party products. You’ll find that there are lots of party supplies available with the American Choppers theme for your next party event.

If you have young kids who like watching them rebuild old bikes into new ones the American Chopper theme is perfect for you to use at their party. You’ll be able to create an entire decorated party with plates, napkins, and tablecloths. There are even related party theme supplies to supplement the decoration if you find that you need something for the décor that doesn’t allaboutkampala have the American Chopper theme.


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