How to Influence People Using the Subconscious Mind

Using the power of the subconscious mind, thegreatermind you will find it easier to influence people, make friends, and solve problems. It all boils down to the way you program your mind to work. Below are 5 ways to help you beat the competition and stay one step ahead.

1) Develop rapport

When you establish similarities with someone, Marin property management you will help their subconscious mind to feel as though there is a certain rapport with you. This can be done quite easily through the mirror technique; speaking at the same speed they use, or copying their expressions and body positions in a subtle manner will help them feel more comfortable when interacting with you. Over time and with adequate training, you will find that your own subconscious mind will remember to constantly mirror in a non-obtrusive way, and you will be able to build up rapport easily. zenlinks

2) Trust your intuition

It has been said that chess Grandmasters are able to beat even the most advanced chess computers because they are able to rely on their intuition. This is not just a feeling, locallistingz but a hunch that is developed based on past experiences that will allow you to analyze what would be the next best move. Your intuition is based on skills and knowledge, so learn to encourage and trust in your intuition!

3) Dispel Myths about Making Friends

It is not true that liking or disliking someone is a random and uncontrollable event. In fact, it is easy to make someone like you as the emotions associated with liking someone is controlled by the mind. If you understand and accept this, socialdir you will find it easier to put into place the little techniques that will help you move ahead by making the right connections at the right place.

4) Appeal to what they Need

Often in looking for friends or confidants, people search for someone who is similar to themselves and yet has something else that they would like to achieve. For example, professionals gravitate towards people who are equally skilled in the same field, but who have great knowledge in another field as well, or who are able to display greater leadership potential. Thus, you would do well to identify the traits that most people would like to achieve and actively display it, such as having self confidence. biigo

5) Position yourself

Look at yourself critically in the mirror, wikidirectori or survey a group of close friends. Ask them how they would describe you in a few words. Is this how you want to be seen by others? If not, take active steps now to change the way you position yourself. If you are able to correctly position yourself at work, you will find it easier to gain the attention of your boss, or get a step up from the competition for that next promotion!

From the 5 techniques above, it is obvious that programming your mind has many benefits. With practice, you will find it a unconscious habit that you portray or pull off when interacting with others. For more info please visit here:-


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