Tissot T-Touch Expert Review

If you want a watch that does everything you could want it to and is fitting for any environment, Vintage Omega then the Tissot T-Touch Expert is the watch for you. Here we’re going to look at why that is the case, and take a more in depth look at the t013.420.44.202.00 model.

To look at the this watch you are greeted with a timepiece that seems as though it wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of James Bond. Tissot is a well known YTMP3 make and one with a lot of history and a lot of recognition. This means that instantly it is a classy watch to wear and one that people will recognise as being a good watch. At the same time though even without the name, the Tissot is a weighty watch in a very nice silver colour that would catch the eye and look great poking out of the sleeve of a shirt and suit. This comes from the titanium body which makes it both durable and attractive. Meanwhile the face is also very attractive as well as quite modern looking with a digital readout as well as the compulsory hands, and a chequered background in black and grey. It manages to give you a lot of readings but doesn’t look at all cluttered – all encased in sapphire crystal glass. Youtube to MP3

So the Tissot T-Touch Expert T013.420.44.202.00 is a great looking watch for a smart occasion – but don’t let that fool you; hogar it’s also a perfect watch for more adventurous occasions again making it the kind of watch that Bond would be proud to own. Whether you’re diving, globe trotting, or generally exploring it is the perfect companion and will ensure that you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve – literally. wyklady

For instance with water resistance up to 100 metres in this model you will be able to go diving and not worry about the watch becoming damaged (and for those publicawareness who want it for more day-to-day use it doesn’t hurt to be able to wear it in the bath and not worry). At the same time for the globe trotters among us there is the ability to set a second time zone so that you can keep track of the time where you are as well as back home. For those who see themselves trekking through jungles – or just like to know about their surroundings – there are the accurate atmospheric onlineearns readings including temperature and altimeter. Meanwhile if you find yourself without light then you can still read all of this information using a backlight. You can also set two separate alarms which can be highly useful for a range of elders and yet again makes sure that the T013.420.44.202.00 trumps most of its competitors. As though this wasn’t already a tempting package, buying the watch comes with a presentation box as well as a 2 year guarantee from Tissot making sure that you really get your money’s worth. You will be begging for people to ask you the time.


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